Total Body Partner Workout with Amanda & Yoyi

One of the best ways to motivate is to buddy-up! Seriously, just grab a friend, family member, boyfriend, girlfriend, client (yes sweat-working is so ‘in’ right now) and try this workout. You will be so much more motivated to stick to your plan when you know someone is there waiting for you. You’ll be shocked at how hard of a workout you get without feeling like you were slaving away on your own. Partner workouts propel you to work harder as they provide a little competition (natural human nature) and offer companionship and bonding – such a GREAT use of your time.  

Together with Spanish fitness sensation, Yoyi, I present to you an excellent buddy bootcamp routine on the beach! Not to worry, you don’t need the beach for this, anywhere will work; your yard, a studio, your basement – wherever, and no equipment needed! This workout combines strength training with high intensity cardio intervals for a total body burn-up!

The Partner Workout:

Complete 4-5 Rounds of the Following 6 Exercises.

Squat Jumps – 10 Repetitions (reps)

High Knees (30 each side or approximately 30 seconds)

Burpee Spiders – 5 reps

Bumwackers (30 each side or approximately 30 seconds)

Airplanes – 10-15 reps each side

One-legged Hops – 10 each side

At the end I want to hear who you chose to do this workout with and how many rounds you got through! Post in the comments section of my youtube video. How do you feel?