Your Customized AR Program

Defining the new age of fitness and wellness, Amanda Russell has created the innovative AR Program, a holistic mind, food and body system consisting of intense dynamic workouts and a tailored meal plan designed to transform the body by focusing on secrets athletes have known for years.

Amanda Russell combines her running expertise with athletic training to customize the AR Program specifically to one’s individual needs, lives, and body-types.

Whether you are an athlete training for a sport or race OR simply looking to break through a plateau and get into the shape of your life, Amanda specifically tailors a thorough AR Program that will achieve results for YOU. It’s the BEST investment you will make, it’s for yourself, your life!

To Begin

It starts with simply filling out the Consultation form below (at the bottom) and hitting send.


Your first connection is a complimentary 10-15 minute conversation, you will be asked to describe your goals and fitness and lifestyle issues. Amanda will review with you briefly how you might meet your goals working with her. She will answer any questions you may have about how the process works. She will then either schedule your first session or point you to more information about her practice that will enable you to make an informed decision.

Two Initial Sessions: The recommended program begins with two sessions (initial and first follow-up) with additional follow-up sessions as needed.

Initial consultation (45 min):?The initial interview allows Amanda to develop a complete picture of your needs, lifestyle, and objectives, as well as outline any required diagnostic testing. You will bring the following completed materials: health history questionnaire and 3-day exercise/food diary. Based on the information gathered, Amanda will then research your case and design your individualized fitness program to discuss at the follow-up meeting.

First follow-up consultation (45-60 min.):?We will review your program in detail, answer your questions, and provide the tools you will need for optimal compliance. Your program will include:

  • Exercise plan with specifications on intensity, duration/session, frequency of exercise etc
  • Recommendations for nutrition changes
  • Recommendations for other lifestyle enhancements
  • Plan of action to maximize successful outcomes
  • Educational materials to help you succeed

Additional follow-up consultations: During these sessions we will review your progress, refine your program accordingly, and offer any guidance you may need to ensure optimal results. ?Fees to be discussed on initial call.

Your History: Once your first session is scheduled, Amanda will request that you complete and forward the following 3 forms to her along with any relevant doctor’s records, prior to your session. You may download the forms and e-mail them back. The fax number to use is indicated on each form.

Health History Questionnaire
3 Day Exercise and Food Log
Consent Agreement/Fee Schedule
Feel free to contact us at [email protected] for any other inquiries or comments you may have.

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When it comes to fitness and well-being, Amanda has dedicated her life to helping individuals revolutionize their lives. More than fitness training, Amanda becomes a partner and mentor in a transformative journey, showing her clients how to implement life long tools to become the most healthy and fit version of themselves. Amanda comes with a proven track record of uncovering barriers, facilitating physical & mental breakthroughs and making your goals and visions a reality

- Kristin Stegamen MD and author