Total Body Melt-Down and Boost Up

This is a resistance time challenge so hit start on your stopwatch!!! We are doing a weighted rep challenge, so you’ll need something with weight, (whether it’s a dumbbell, a medicine ball, a sandbag, anything etc). Resistance training in combination with HIIT (high intensity interval training) will get you lean and achieve incredible results. I’m all about efficient use of your time! If you’re going to exercise, make it count! This routine done consistently WILL make you stronger, fitter, faster and more agile. This type of training is also a mega fat blaster and works to lean out and tone up your entire body. It’s my secret to the AR Program!

Move through this circuit 5 times at your max effort and you’re done – or should I say breathless? This gives you a total of 250 reps!!

A quick note to beginners out there… this workout might look intimidating, but there is always a modification for each exercise. Simply work to your own ability and you will reap the same benefits. You can also play with the number of reps. For example, start with just 1-2 rounds if you are a total beginner. Fitness training is a lifestyle. You are training for YOU: to feel better, look better, live better! Half the battle is taking that first step towards your goals.

If you are new to my AR Workouts, you may need to get over the fear that resistance training will somehow make you look like a female BodyBuilder. The type of training that I do is for fat loss, toning, and creating long lean muscles. It will NOT bulk you out – it is specifically designed to boost your metabolism and keep it running on a much higher gear for hours after you finish ARfit!

The Workout:

Med Ball Front Swing

Left Med Ball Shovel Ups

Right Med Ball Shovel Ups

Med Ball Burpee

Med Ball Jacks

You’re Done!

Make sure you record your time and share in the comments below the video.

And don’t be shy to reach out and join the chatter – I LOVE hearing from you, I consider you friends and we are all here to support each other!

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