The BEST Workout in Less than 15 Minutes

The workout this week is all about torching calories and shredding any excess weight! I’ve seen a recurring theme from the comments on my Facebook and Twitter pages, it is this: You basically want to know the best workouts for overall fat loss and calorie burn! GREAT news, all of my high intensity workouts are geared to get the MOST results in the LEAST amount of time. We are all busy and who wants to spend more time, and not even have the results to show for it.

Trust me I get it, and NO ONE is more impatient than me when it comes to getting results. SOOO, here’s you’re latest calorie torching workout.

All you need is your body, a litre filled water bottle or a 1—15lb dumbbell and you’re head 100% ready and excited to get those endorphins going!

Don’t forget to post your ‘post-workout’ comments (and pictures if you are up for it) on my Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest  - it’s INCREDIBLE how the comments inspire and rally others to action, including ME!

I absolutely LOVE our amazing ARfit community, I definitely believe we have a very special group who embraces the challenge, and has truly come to believe that we all CAN achieve anything.

And keep me posted with ideas for new workouts, I get my inspiration from YOU – you know how to reach me FACEBOOK, TWITTER, – or comments below my videos.

The Workout:

What To Do: Complete 30 seconds of each of the following exercises, moving consecutively from one to the other with little to no rest in between. At the end of each cycle take a 45 second break and repeat for a total of 5 cycles!

  • Jumpies
  • Push-Ups
  • Side Kicks
  • Tricep Toners (use a large water bottle or dumbbell)

You’re Done!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Exercise is only one part of the equation to truly get into your fittest self, you MUST compliment your workouts with a proper balanced diet.  Due to all the questions about why I eat and what my routine is, I have released my 14 Day Diet and Fitness Program for YOU!  This is 14 Days of what I do to get into the top shape whether for an event or to simply get back on track after too many days of over-indulging.

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