The BEST Ab and Belly Workout - 6 Minutes to Washboard Abs

Ahhhh abs, you know that darn area you just can’t seem to see? The belly always getting in the way? The belly has always been my problem region, so I’ve made it my mission to find a plan that works. This ab routine I actually learned from a coach back in college and adapted it over the years. I SWEAR by it! 

Do 30 seconds of each exercise moving from one exercise to the next consecutively.

The first time through the series you will likely have to take a break in between some of the exercises and THAT’S OKAY! You are still getting the same benefits; the key is to keep coming back to it!

Do this 2-3 times per week in combination with your cardio workout (try the New Year New Body Workout before the ab routine) OR you can do it on your ‘off’ workout days.  There is NO question this routine will tighten and tone up that mid-section. BUT to really see the 6-pack, you must do it in combination with a healthy diet and cardio exercise (remember to see the tightened abs you have to lose the spare tire over top)! 

For more info on this see this article on Washboard Abs.

I personally do this routine every Tuesday after my workout and Thursday’s on its own – I’m super happy with the results 

What You Need: Yourself and a Stopwatch or Gymboss Interval Timer! I recommend investing in a Gymboss Timer, because it's super easy, and you can set it to beep for intervals!  ALWAYS time yourself, and you will be able to measure your progress and subconsciously push HARDER! 

6-Minute Ab Routine

  • • 90 Degree bend crunches– 30 seconds
  • • Leg Lifts- 30 seconds
  • • Shoulder lifts- 30 seconds
  • • V-Ups- 30 seconds
  • • Bicycles- 30 seconds
  • • Shovels- 30 seconds
  • • Oblique Crunch kills (left side)- 30 seconds
  • • Oblique Crunch kills (right side)- 30 seconds
  • • Scissors- 30 seconds
  • • Opposite V-Up Touches- 30 seconds
  • • Total Body Crunch - 30 seconds
  • • Turtle Shells -30 seconds

Total Time: 6 minutes!

Did you make it through? I want to hear! And what is your favorite ab exercise? Leave your message on my comments page!

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