The 1-Minute Intervals Workout – Cardio at it’s BEST!

If you follow my ARfit Workouts, you are certainly no stranger to interval training, and you have likely heard me preach over and over about ‘intensity’ and ‘quality over quantity’, but I cannot stress its importance enough (especially for all of you time-starved people out there)!

As a former competitive 10,000m runner, I know first-hand the power of cardio intervals to transform your fitness level (and your body). This NYTimes article, How 1-Minute Intervals Can Improve Our Health, made my heart dance, as it helped shed perspective on this long-time philosophy in which my workouts adhere to.

NO, you absolutely do NOT need to spend hours on the elliptical or running endless miles to achieve your fitness goals, improve your health or lose weight. In fact you can do MORE with less time. This workout is my HIGHLY effective ‘Go-To’ 1 Minute Interval Workout – so no more excuses about not having time. You can do this right where you are (in your office, in your living room), or bring it to the gym. Be prepared to SWEAT it all out and finish feeling BETTER than any long-drawn continuous cardio workout!

What You Need: Yourself and a Stopwatch or Gymboss Interval Timer! I recommend investing in a Gymboss Timer, because it's super easy, and you can set it to beep for intervals!  ALWAYS time yourself, and you will be able to measure your progress and subconsciously push HARDER! 

The Workout:

High Knees

Active Recovery-Plie-Ups


Active Recovery-Plie-Ups

Frog Jumps

Active Recovery-Plie-Ups

Single Leg Hops (left)

Active Recovery-Plie-Ups

Single Leg Hops (right)

Active Recovery-Plie-Ups

Jumping Jacks

Active Recovery-Plie-Ups

Turkish Get-Ups

Active Recovery-Plie-Ups

Speeding Skaters

Active Recovery-Plie-Ups

Jumping Rope

Active Recovery-Plie-Ups

Barrier Jumps

You’re DONE!

How did you do? Did you get through 1 minute with all 10 exercises? If not, it’s OK, it gives you something to strive for, keep coming back to it and watch yourself improve. 

Let me know by posting your comment HERE. I read EVERY comment and try my best to respond to as many as possible!

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