It’s time for spring break season, and if winter has left you with a few extra pounds, THIS is the workout for you! Not only will you feel like a spring break super model, but you’ll have a great time getting there. No hassle, no equipment, and just 20 minutes!

The key here is commitment. In fact, you can even bring this workout with you wherever your spring break takes you (from a mountain ski lodge, to a tiny hotel room, to a beach).

I recommend getting up 20 minutes earlier than normal and getting it out of the way – it’ll put you on track to have more energy and more fun all day long!

It’s 20 minutes that have the effects to change all 24 hours of your day, so get up and get started!

What To Do: There are 10 exercises in one round,  perform each exercise for 1 minute, moving from one exercise to the next with little to no recovery in between. At the end, grab a drink, get your head back in the game and do it all one more time.

What You Need: What You Need: Yourself and a Stopwatch or Gymboss Interval Timer! I recommend investing in a Gymboss Timer, because it's super easy, and you can set it to beep for intervals!  ALWAYS time yourself, and you will be able to measure your progress and subconsciously push HARDER! 

The Workout:

Total Workout Time: 20 minutes. 

One leg Plyo Lunge Jumps – left side

Reverse Triangle Toe Touches (like in yoga)

One leg Plyo Lunge Jumps –right side

Reverse Triangle Toe Touches (other side)

Turkish Get ups with Jump

Plie Pulses

Outside Roundhouse Kick – left

Outside Roundhouse – Right

Inside Roundhouse – left

Inside Roundhouse - Right

That’s one round, try to work your way up to do one more!

And TELL ME when you complete this workout! 

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