Skinny Jeans: Legs and Thigh Workout!

This deep tissue toning workout seriously will tone your legs, lift your butt and get you back into your skinny jeans just in time for the cooler weather. Nothing is sexier than a great fitting pair of skinny jeans dressed up (heels and jewelry) or down (white T and ballet flats).

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So here you go, an excellent routine I recommend doing 3 times a week.  3-4 Rounds depending on time. Throw in my Cardio Intervals Workout for a Total Body Blast AND Toning Session! 

The Workout: 

  • Clam Openers – 10 reps each side
  • Leg Lifters– 15 reps each side
  • One Leg Super mans  -15 reps each side
  • Doggy Leg Lifts -15 each side
  • Donkey Leg Lifts – 15 each side
  • Squat and side leg lift (left then right) – 15 each side
  • One leg around the worlds - 15each side
  • Hip-Ups (really clench butt at top)

And there you have it! Butt on Fire?? I hope so!! Let me know and don’t forget to keep in touch – post your comments on my channel AND stay up to date on Facebook and Twitter – to hear everything from recipes to giveaways!!