Sexy Surfer Body Workout with Miya

After such an invigorating day of surfing and learning all about the California surfer lifestyle, I was inspired to do a surf workout! Miya got to test me on the water and I had fun showing her what I do – I think we BOTH worked each other over! 

But this workout isn’t just for those who surf, it’s just inspired by the fit toned bodies of the surfers and can help you achieve that without taking down any waves. 

This routine works every muscle in your body, and like all my workouts it has a high intensity cardio component along with bodyweight strength. 

The benefit here is you don’t need ANY equipment, not even shoes! Surfers you can do this on your surfboard. It will make you stronger, leaner, and more powerful out there.

If you don’t have your surfboard handy, you can do this on your living room floor, a tiny spot in the gym, or really anywhere as you don’t need any more space than the size of a surfboard!

The Workout

Chair pose –ups – 10 reps

Push-up to downward dog-  10 reps

Jump Switch- 4 reps

Breast stroke 20 reps 

Reptile ‘right leg 

Front Crawl – 20 reps 

Reptile ‘left’ leg (outside elbow to opposite elbow)

Jump switch sides (like in inner warrior class) – 4 reps 

Right Side Plank with External Arm Rotation – 10 reps 

Hand Stand Kicks 8 reps 

Left Side Plank with External Arm Rotation – 10 reps

Push-Ups to Downward Dog – 10 reps 

Repeat this series 3 -4 times for a sweat sexy total body burn and let me know what you think in the comments section below the video on Amanda Russell TV or on my AR Facebook Page!