Red Carpet Ready Workout for the Oscars

This workout is an incredible total body workout that gets really deep into the abs, arms and legs – all the key components you want to show off!  It takes about 20 minutes and if you do it with intensity you will burn more doing this than with any mundane 45-60 minute steady cardio session.

My ‘award-show-going' ‘celebrity clients swear by this workout when primping for an event, especially because they can do it in their hotel room, no equipment needed. BUT, it’s GREAT for YOU at home. Have a special event or date you want to look good for – jump into this routine a few times a week and you will be red-carpet ready no matter where your life takes you!

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The Workout

What to Do: One round contains the below 5 exercises. Move from one exercise to the next without any breaks. 

At the end of the round grab a drink, then repeat 3 more times! 


Hop in and Outs  - push up position, jump back and forth! 20 times

Single Leg Squat – 15 each leg – don’t allow knee past your toe

Push-Up to Knee Tuck -10 total

Bridge Can Cans – 20 each side

Deep Chair Tricep Dips – 20 reps (using 2 chairs)

Did you do all 4 rounds? How long did it take you? Let me know by posting your comment HERE. I read and savor EVERY comment and try my best to respond to as many as possible!

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