New Year New Body – Drop Fat and Tone Up for your Best YEAR Yet!

It’s a new year, which means a chance to start clean slate and make decisions and changes to make it the BEST year ever. Unless you are 100% perfect we all have things we can change and improve (I know I do). I believe fitness is an absolutely  critical component of the equation of feeling good and living your best life! I know that may sound extreme, and possibly even superficial to some of you, but let me explain…When you take the time to move your body, push it, and really use it, not only do you get fit, but you start feeling good. Of coarse you can be happy without being fit, but just think how great you will feel when you are at your ‘fittest’. Your energy will be better, your stress levels down, your confidence elevated and let’s not forget the aesthetics of looking like the lean, toned and healthiest version of YOU!

This workout is a total body blaster – it will work every muscle in your body and leave you breathless and on an endorphin high – the key is to do it with intention and intensity. If you slack you only cheat yourself, that dos not mean you should not modify, in fact I encourage modifying! It’s better to modify and do it to the maximum of your own ability than to take shortcuts.

Before you begin, take a moment to set your intention, your goal for the workout. Rather than dread it, get excited, excited that you have made the decision to do this. Embrace the gift you have been given, which is the physical ability to do this. Trust me when you are sick or injured, you take this for granted. So start your year off right, get into your mind and your body and give it a go with all that you have!

12 Reps of the following 7 Exercises, Repeat X times!

12 rounds (6 each side) seconds High knees + side jump High Knees

12 reps Squat + Jump Switch 

12 reps Side to Side Push-Ups

12 jumps Around the World Jumps

12 each side One Leg Tricep Dips

12 Star Jumps

12 reps Table Touches (opposite hand to opposite knee)

Record how many rounds you achieve in 20 minutes - and post in the comments section. I want to know where you started :)