Metabolic Total Body Meltdown

Metabolic Total Body Meltdown

This workout is going to SERIOUSLY shock your body. We are using explosive cardio/plyometrics with body weight strength training to get your heart racing, sweat flying, fat falling off and achieving an overall total body tone up.

This workout, if done right, will leave you exhausted but energized on an endorphin high!

Here it is:

What you Need: 2 sets of dumbells: one heavy (7-12lbs) and one lighter (2-5lbs)

Timer: I recommend the Gymboss Interval Timer – cheap and so easy to use!

The goal with this workout is to perform 1 minute of cardio before each of the exercises.

Your Cardio Set consists of 30 Seconds Jumping Hikers + 30 Seconds Sumo Squat Jumps 

The Workout:

Cardio Set

Dumbell Squat to Shoulder Press (heavier DB) – 15 Reps 

Cardio Set

Backward Lunge with Arm Raise (Lighter DB) – 15 (each side) 

Cardio Set

Dumbell Arm/Shoulder-Turnstyle (lighter DB) – 15 Reps

Cardio Set

One Leg Arm Rows- (lighter DB) – 10 reps (each side)

Cardio Set

Oblique Mountain Climbers on Dumbells

Cardio Set

Tricep Push-Ups with Leg Jacks

Repeat 1-2 more times so that you get 2-3 total sets of each exercise.

You’re Done!

This workout will tone everything (butt, hips, thighs, abs, back, arms, shoulders), strip fat and elevate you metabolism for the next 24-36 hours after you finish!

Really go after it and let me know how you feel before and after – leave your comments HERE!

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