Lose the Love Handles Workout

Naggy, annoying NOT flattering in the slightest, I’m talking about the infamous ‘love handles’ 95% of the population are plagued by. I have been receiving so many questions on my facebook page (Amanda Russell Workouts) asking for a workout to help lose that kind of ‘love’… the handle! So I put this workout together to specifically address that question.

Warning, it’s a burner! So get started and start losing!

The Workout:

3 Rounds of the following Circuit:

  • Side Plank (with top leg lifts) - 12 Reps
  • Around the World (both legs) - 12 Reps 
  • Boat Pose (touch-touch each side) - 12 Reps each side
  • Criss Cross Legs - 12 Reps 
  • Exterior Reptile - 12 Reps
  • Around the World - 10 of each variation below
  • Up/down
  • Circle left
  • Circle right
  • Dig inside
  • Dig outside
Now complete this circuit TWO more times! 

You’re Done!

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