Lean, Toned and Strong Workout Series Part 1!

Hi guys! 

Get ready for my "Lean, Toned, and Strong Workout Series!" This is the first part of a ten part series! These workouts are INTENSE and require as much exertion and as much intensity as possible! I will roll out a new part to this series once every month! 

The only complaint I don't get about my workouts is that they don't work. Some people tell me that they are too intense, or they can't do some of the exercises, but all you have to do is jump on this Workout Series to a new and fitter you!  

The Workout: 

This workout is called the AR BODY JUMP! The key to this exercise is to do 4 sets of 24 repetitions. And that's it! 4 sets of 24 Body Jumps (That's 12 reps on EACH leg) with as little time for recovery as you can in between each set! I recommend keeping your recovery time under 1 minute.

Try and work this into your regular workout as much as you want. You can do it at the end of your workout maybe 1-2 times a week. Or you can try this workout on your off days to keep your endurance and metabolism up! 

Did you get through it?! I want to know. Leave a comment in the comments section of the video or on my YouTube channel HERE! Don't forget to subscribe to my channel! Also, if you want daily updates from me, you can check out my Facebook page HERE or my Twitter HERE!