How to Workout at Home Without Equipment! (with TheMomsView)

Are you a busy mom? This workout is for YOU! 

As you all know, most of my workouts don’t require any equipment, and can be done in your living room in 10-20 minutes! This workout is specifically for busy busy moms that have no time to go to the gym, schlep all their equipment around all day, and simply can’t afford a membership either! I did this workout with The Mom’s View, an amazing YouTube channel that has everything you need to know when being a mom. Check it out HERE!

My philosophy is that you don’t need a full hour to work out effectively. You can get some of the best and most effective workouts in 30 minutes by just using your best tool: your body! Here are some helpful tips on being a busy mom and still having time to work out:

- Set your alarm 30 minutes earlier to workout before your kids wake up.

- Use part of your lunch hour to work out.

- Work out while your kids are napping or watching a TV show.

- Work out when it’s bath time! 

This work out takes 15 minutes, and all you need is a small space. It is an effective go-to busy person’s workout and you can do it anywhere, anytime! Also, this workout is not just for moms. You can do this workout if you work long hours, you’re on vacation and don’t have a gym, or even if you just don’t feel like going to the gym. 

The Workout:

Do 25 reps of each exercise. Try the full cycle 2-3 more times! Take as many breaks as you need. All you need is 15 minutes to complete this exercise! If you’re a beginner, you can do one round if that’s all you can do. If you’re more advanced, try this a full three times! Record how long it takes and leave a comment in the comments section of the video!

  • Forward Hand Jumping Jacks (25 reps)
  • Frog Jumps (25 reps)
  • Right leg Front Kicks (25 reps)
  • Left leg Front Kicks (25 reps)
  • Barrier Jumps (25 reps)
  • Right leg Side Kicks (25 reps)
  • Left leg Side Kicks (25 reps)

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