Hot Body Workout at The Pierre Hotel

I know it's the holidays and we are all traveling and off our schedules or we have a house full of people... but none of these things should stop us from feeling GREAT! Truthfully, you will be able to handle the stresses and drama of the holiday season with MORE grace if you take a little bit of time for yourself and stay on your workout routine. We find ourselves in the STRANGEST places when we travel over the holidays, the least strange being a hotel room, but it can still be hard to get a workout in when you are dealing with such an enclosed space. For this workout you hardly need any space at all, and nothing more than a few minutes and your BODY!! Trim the tree and then trim your waistline!! Let me know how it goes, and where you ended up having to try this out :). Thank you to the GORGEOUS Pierre Hotel for inviting us to workout there, and stay tuned next week for another look inside The Pierre's annual Tree Lighting Party! Love, Amanda

PS: Every exercise in this workout has a modified version... Does this help? Please let me know!!