Best Upper Body Workout 2013

Theme of the month, well since it’s 2013 – lucky 13 I like to say, I’m using the number 13 as my inspiration for my workouts this month. Each week, the focus will be on a different area of the body, this week I am all about the arms!

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What to do: 

Pair with my Cardio Intervals Workout for an INCREDIBLE total body Burn and Tone!

The Workout: 

20 Push-ups

25 Tricep Dips

10 Dive Bomber Push-ups

30 Plank with Hand Taps

10 Triange Push-ups

50 Alternating Standing Squat Punches

10 Tricep Push-ups

50 Jumping Jacks with Front punches

30 Plank Jacks

You’re DONE! Arms shaking? Let me know: Facebook, Twitter, comments below the video!

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I found this workout a while back on a blog that I've enjoyed perusing --that interviewed me and that reviews and shares my workouts -- and I thought I'd share it with Strength & Sweat's/Kelsey's wishes! Enjoy.... It's a tough one :!