Annual Thanksgiving Day BIG BURN Workout!

Whether you are anticipating over-indulging this holiday OR you are looking for a way to work off  the stuff post T-day, I put together an UBER intense workout to get you sweating off the pounds so you can enjoy your holiday, guilt-free pie and all!

AND while you’re at it, why not rally your family and friends for a Thanksgiving Day Backyard or Basement Bootcamp – we actually did this last yeat with my own friends and had a blast! Plus the meal tasted that much better J

For the record, this is a Reps/Time Challenge

How fast can you complete a round of 5 reps of each of these exercises, followed immediately by 10 reps of each? Can you beat my time of 4 minutes and 48 seconds!?

The Workout:

  • Burpee jump ins and outs
  • Squat Jacks
  • Plank jacks (With your body in straight-arm plank, move your legs in and out in a jumping jack motion)
  • Walk-outs with a tuck jump (Stand, then bend and walk your hands out past your head so you feel the pull in your core, walk back to your feet, stand up tall, and do a tuck jump)
  • Alternating scorpion pushups
  • Alternating leg lifts in plank (In straight-arm plank position, lift your legs one at a time 3-6 inches off the ground)
  • Crunch –side/side + rower knee touch
  • Jumping Lunges

That’s IT = Happy Turkey DAY! Posting Time, what was your time? Did you beat me? Post IT FACEBOOK, TWITTER, My Website – or comments below my videos.

I also want to hear where you did it? City? Backyard in the snow or the beach? We have such an amazing community, I love hearing where you’re from – and send away the pictures!

AND post-Thanksgiving, if you want a regimen to get back on track, I encourage you to do my 14 Day Diet and Fitness Program! This is what I’ll be doing after too many days of over-indulging and to feel great in time for my Christmas Parties!.

Check it out HERE – I would love to see YOU as the next Testimonial!