5 Minute INTENSE Workout Challenge

Here is your new challenge! Many of you have been posting on my Facebook page and on Twitter that you want a SUPER quick yet SUPER INTENSE Workout, and so that’s EXACTLY what you’re getting!  This workout may only be 5 minutes long, but if you do it right, you will be totally SPENT at the end. Think of it as a sprint rather than a marathon. This is NOT for the faint of heart! 

Side Note: From the pictures you’ve been posting on Facebook and Twitter I definitely think we have one good-looking group of people – yes ARFit people are looking seriously HOT! But what’s more is the energy, the community, the inspiration. It makes me SOO happy and touched when I hear how much these workouts, this channel, has changed your mind about exercise, transformed your body and your life. I wish I could meet every single one of you in person!

So do this with all the integrity, willpower and commitment you can put into this and at the end post how many rounds you completed in 5 minutes!

The Workout: 

What to do: Grab a stopwatch and set it to beep at 5 minutes. The idea is to complete 8 reps of each exercise moving consecutively from one exercise to the next with little to know recovery in between. All 4 exercises equal one round, count how many rounds you can do it 5 minutes and post it in the comments section below the video!

Jumping Lunges




You’re Done! Are you still standing? I want to know! Pour it out to us via FACEBOOK, TWITTER, My Website – or comments below my videos. 

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