5 Best Bridal Workout Moves

Alright brides and bridesmaids, let’s do this! Let’s slim down, tone up, shape up, you name it, get into the shape of your lives! Here are 5 AWESOME moves each to target a certain body part, which will likely be on display either on your BIG day or on that honeymoon!

I want this to be a girlfriend/sisterhood experience, so do it with me and let us know your feedback, I will be reading all you comments, questions, trouble zones and support on facebook, twitter and post any of your wedding inspiration on my pinterest!

AND of course, let me know when you complete this workout in the comments section on my Youtube Channel www.amandarussell.tv !

The Workout 

BAT WINGS- Tricep Dips


Spare Tire Syndrome – Side Plank Hip Drops

Saggy Bum – Leg Lift and Pulses

Saddlebags (protrude from the side of your thighs)- Squat Jumps

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