4 Minute Morning Energizer Workout

This is the BEST way to start your day! All it requires is 4 minutes and it WILL change your day, your energy, how you feel, your body – there’s NO reason not to do this! Make it as natural as brushing your teeth.

They say it takes 3 solid weeks to really get into a routine, so my challenge to you is to really try to do this for 3 solid weeks and make it a regular part of your routine!

You will feel AMAZING and your body will quickly see the benefits. It’s a nice little extra boost in your day. I even do this before I go to the gym in the morning or if my workout is later in the day- its now simply a part of my morning ritual!

What you Need:

Interval Timer (I recommend ordering a GYMBOSS, makes life so much easier) and 4 Minutes :)

The Routine:

Set your timer to beep every 30 seconds and move from one exercise to the next with little to no rest in between. 

  • 30 Seconds Push Ups
  • 30Seconds Leg Lift
  • 60 Second Plank with Varitations
  • 30 Seconds Gravity SpiderMans
  • 30 Seconds Bridge-Ups
  • 60 Second Head Stand (with variations)

And rather than drinking simply water when you wake up, try hydrating with some electrolyte and potassium enhanced coconut water (I personally LOVE my ZICO pineapple coconut water) 

OR get your mojo going by throwing a tablespoon on Chia Seeds in your water or juice (you can order my fav brand of chia right HERE)!

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