What does a health coach eat on an “off night”?

by Robyn Youkilis

As a full-time holistic health coach, I often meet people who assume that I only cook elaborate, well-planned meals. No way! I have plenty of “off nights”. So what do I mean by “off night”? Usually some form of the following:
I’m not inspired to think creatively in the kitchen, and…

There isn’t much in my refrigerator to make up a complete meal (and the sub-zero temps keep me from venturing out), and…

I’ve enjoy too many meals out in a row and my body is craving real food - AKA food I cooked myself with lots of veggies and good healthy fats (what oils are Thai restaurants using these days??).

So what do I do in this situation? I turn to one of my go-to “off night” dinners. It’s important for everyone to have an “off night” meal in their back pocket. I help my clients invent “off night” meals that require minimal brain power, yet are still delicious, and include plenty of those greens we should all be eating more of.

Here’s one of my favorite under-10-minutes-or-less meals:

Eggs on Toast with Kale and Tomato Sauce (sorry the title isn’t more dazzling, it is an “off night” you know).

Let me break it down for you.

I typically have some or all of these items in my fridge at any given time:

1. Bread - fresh or some in the freezer for emergencies (Ezekiel freezes really well)
2. Eggs - buy em from the farmer and they’ll last longer
3. Tomato sauce – defrosted from my homemade batch or the jarred stuff (chose organic!)
4. Some kind of dark, leafy green that begs to be used before it dies a slow, painful, yellow, wilted leaf death

Here’s how it goes. Toast the bread. Then rub it with some fresh garlic or a thin shmear of Dijon mustard. Heat the sauce. Sauté up some kale or other green you having lying around (garlic/lemon additions are both optional but delicious). And then comes the grand finale – a poached egg. Now, I know this step might seem intimidating at first, but once you master it (AKA only having to ruin one egg in the process), you’ll be making those yummy, perfectly runny eggs in no time. An easy alternative is to simply fry an egg, but you’re up for a little challenge here, right? Here’s a link to an excellent tutorial on poaching an egg by : www.Smittenkitchen.com

And voila! A delicious meal - perfect for an “off night”.

Robyn Youkilis, a board certified Nutrition and Cooking Coach and founder of Your Healthiest You and {Healthy} Cooking Camp, was coined by Pure Wow as “the busy ladies health coach”, supporting busy guys and gals on their journey to becoming the healthiest that they can be. At Your Healthiest You, Robyn offers high level boutique style one-on-one coaching programs, runs a monthly “members only” cooking club in NYC and an online cooking course, Healthy Cooking Camp.

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