BEST 6 Quick Fix Energy Boosters

by Amanda Russell

Whether you’ve partied all night, drank too much, worked too late or too much, pigged out on party food and business lunches and feeling as though you haven’t slept well in days, you need a quick fix! Below, I have compiled a few of my favorite quick fix energy boosters:

Eat small regular meals

To help combat tiredness (and rev up your metabolism), you need to maintain a constant supply of energy. The best way to do this is by eating five or six small meals a day, rather than three large ones. This helps keep blood sugar levels consistent and ward off energy crashes. The best choices include whole grain foods that are digested slowly, providing the body with a constant supply of fuel.

Lean Protein Packed Breakfast

As I have previously stated, what you eat for breakfast has a huge impact on the rest of your day and your body! See my article “To Breakfast or Not too Breakfast”

Afternoon Tea and Snack

I love an afternoon tea with a light snack, not only does it perk you up, it staves off the afternoon munchies. Choose a snack with either fiber, protein or calcium to get in some important nutrients (protein and fiber will keep you feeling full). I really like an apple with peanut butter or a protein bar. This way you get a good serving of protein and fiber! AND you won’t be ravishing around the office munching on everything in sight. One of my favorite afternoon snacks can be found HERE: These bars are super healthy, and most importantly, super yummy! 

Get Your Morning Java

Professor Peter Rogers at Bristol University discovered that, among regular tea and coffee drinkers, those who abstained from their usual morning cup of caffeine were less alert and clear headed than those who drank it. These effects were rapidly reversed by a 60mg dose of caffeine (the equivalent to a cup of tea). Beware though, because Professor Rogers also found that additional doses don't have any effect.

Plan Ahead

Pack your bag with some healthy snacks, so that you can eat something at the first sign of tiredness. This will help stop the energy drain and fend off high fat snack attacks. Almonds, power bars, oat or bran muffins, dried fruit and granola bars are great choices. Keep your afternoon energy levels high by eating a lunch that is light and low in fat, I recommend aiming for around 500 to 600 calories This should leave you energized and free from the post lunch dip.

Brisk Walk or 15 min of Exercise

This always does it for me! As hard as it is to stop what you are doing, I’ve learned the world won’t stop while you are away. In fact, turning away from the computer or whatever you are doing and getting some fresh air and exercise will help refresh, energize and make you even more productive when you come back! So go ahead, step outside and walk around the block.

Hope these tips help give you a little more energy on those lagging days!

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