Step-by-Step Instructions on How to Subscribe to a Youtube Channel – 3 EASY STEPS!

You may have heard me (or countless other Youtuber's) advocating (or in my case, begging, pleading) to SUBSCRIBE to my channel, but what does that even mean andhow do you do it?

Heck, before I started doing Youtube videos myself I watched countless videos and didn't know how to 'SUBSCRIBE' – and now that I spend countless hours creating, filming and producing videos on youtube, the epic importance of gaining subscribers means the world to me. BUT, half the battle is enlisting people to SUBSCRIBE.

The catch is, most people (like me), either don't know how to subscribe or think it sounds like something that requires time, money or added email spam. I assure you, it's painless, FREE, simple, fast and highly rewarding!

Need convincing on the Benefits? Check out these Viewer Answers!

I have outlinedStep-by-Step Instructions on How to Subscribe – 3 EASY STEPS!

AR Personal NOTE/Hint – It would mean the world to me if you supported me by clicking SUBSCRIBE on my channel and passing it along :) My goal is 100,000 Subscribers and I can use your help

In return, I promise to provide you with aNEWandFREEworkout and show each week on my channel!

  1. First, if you don't already have one, you must create a Youtube account (which takes zero time, it's as simple as creating a gmail account). Here is what to do: Create Youtube Account in Less than a Minute

  2. Visit my channel and click on any video (such as this Oscar Party Workout) and click the SUBSCRIBE Button directly below the video.

  3. DONE! Now you are free to post your comments below the video, browse the video library, pass along, share and much more!

Simple, fast and pain free! Right? Don't worry, it totally sounds way more complicated than it is. Even my mom who doesn't even have a Twitter account was able to do this – Thank you Mom :)

More questions? I am here to help you step by step, just post them to my facebook page or write me a message HERE.

What do you think I’m going to do now? I’m going to ask you to CLICK HERE AND SUBSCRIBE TO MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL. Why? So you can see the great content I give my viewers on a regular basis. It’s that simple. Ask and give a reason why.



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