Incredible Arms Wanted? Click HERE!

by Amanda Russell

Upper body strength is important for a runner. Believe it or not, upper body strength will improve your running speed. Moving your arms at the end of a race or at the end of any run will help propel you toward the finish line.
This drill will not only help you become a stronger, faster runner, it will also help achieve incredible aesthetic results.
What it achieves: long lean and toned runner's arms and stronger, tighter abs. Added Benefit - this exercise doubles as a short round of cardio.


Stand facing the mirror with a dumbbell in each hand. (If you don't have dumbbells you can use two cans, or milk jugs - whatever you can find that is heavy enough and acts like a weight).
While holding the weights, bring one hand forward and the other hand back like you are running but only move your arms.
In the mirror when you have one arm in front, it should appear in the mirror as though the weight is covering your nose.

Focus on keeping abs tight and think 'strong arms'

Do 15-20 Reps on each side. Try for 2-3 sets.

I recommend anywhere between 7 and 12.5 lb dumbbells, it will start easy and get harder. The key here is not about how much weight, it is how correctly you are doing the exercise. It is a high rep, low weight- your arms should be fatigued by the end. Arm-transformation in no time!

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