5 Myths About Your Partying and Drinking Habits

1. Detoxing or “Pre-toxing” during the week cancels out the effects of partying on the weekend.
False. “One drink a day can be good for you,” says Lisa R. Young, R.D., Ph.D., author of The Portion Teller. “But if you skip Wednesday and Thursday, that doesn’t mean you can have three drinks on Friday and toast to your health,” she says. “Your body (namely, your liver) can’t handle so much alcohol at once, even if you didn’t drink for a few days beforehand.” It’s better to drink moderately than to do restrict and binge pattern.

2. Alcohol Makes Sex Better.
Wrong again. Alcohol can make people feel less uncomfortable in a social situation. But the reality is that alcohol can actually keep guys from getting or keeping an erection, and it can lower girls' sex drives, too. More importantly, alcohol can affect your decision-making ability: You might put yourself in a risky situation; you might think you're ready to have sex when you're not or you might forget to use a condom — which can result in pregnancy and/or contracting a sexually transmitted disease. And if that’s not enough to deter you, alcohol induced sex tends to make for sloppier sex and more known to be ‘bad sex’.

3. Diet Soda Mixers Gets you Wasted Faster.
Diet mixers, such as low calorie tonic water, diet margarita mix and low calorie soda, spare calories but speed the rate that alcohol enters the bloodstream. High sugar liquids empty from the stomach more slowly than water or low calorie drinks.
Diet mixers contain little or no sugar, so the alcohol in the drink leaves the stomach quickly and enters the bloodstream rapidly, which makes you drunk faster. Australians researchers, using ultrasound, measure the rate that drinks containing diet or normal mixers emptied from the stomach.
Drinks using diet mixers left the gut 15 minutes sooner and caused nearly 50% higher blood alcohol levels. Women should be particularly care using diet mixers. Consuming the same number of drinks, blood alcohol increased more in women then in men. Also, women are more likely to use diet mixers.

4. Mixing Red Bull and liquor let’s you party longer.
True. Red Bull and other caffeinated drinks let you party longer — but not smarter. They make you feel like you’re alert but don’t reduce the real effects of alcohol, including slower physical and visual reactions. And be extra careful: They can make you think you can drive when you’re actually seriously impaired. In addition, mixing liquor with Red Bull is a straight-path recipe for a hangover. All of those sugars are going to dehydrate you and really that's what leads to your feeling less-than-great the next day.

5. Beer Before Liquor Never been Sicker. Liquor before beer, you’re in the clear.
False. This is an urban legend shared but not scientifically true. In reality, alcohol is alcohol, and the overall quantity you intake will determine your resulting sobriety or hangover. Drinking beer before drinking hard liquor may prolong the onset of inebriation. However, it won’t ultimately matter whether you drink beer first or last; it’s the quantity of alcohol that does the damage.

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