WELCOME to Amanda Russell’s Nutrition Program

This is IT! FEEL better, re-energize, lose weight, and learn how to truly eat healthy RIGHT IN time to kickstart SUMMER 2012! Welcome to theAR 5 Day Summer Shape Up! This is 5 days of fueling your body with whole, clean, unprocessed nutrient dense foods leaving you completely revitalized! 

If you are still reading, there is a reason, you know deep down you want to feel better, get that glow back, slim down, whatever the reason, let’s embrace this as the chance to make the commitment to do something GOOD for yourself, something that can change your life forever, for the positive!

Whether you have decided to do this because you simply want to learn a new and healthy way of eating or you want to look and feel better, the reason is yours and it has driven you to come here. I hope this will be a memorable journey and an incredible life experience. Do it with intention and integrity and don’t lose sight of your goal.

WHEN: Beginning Sunday May 19th for 5 Days Finishing Thursday May 24th (so you’re FREE to go Enjoy Memorial Day Weekend Come Friday :))

What You Need to Get Started:

NO cost at all, just a few things to keep in the loop and get the daily meal plan and workout videos:

  1. SUBSCRIBE to EverydayHealth for the daily fitness tip, designated workout, motivational message and update with game plan for that day
  2. SUBSCRIBE to AmandaRussell.TV – for the daily workout
  3. SIGN-Up for the Summer Shape Up Newsletter – to get the daily meal plan, tips, workout of the day, recipes and more!

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What Does the The AR Summer Shape Up Consist of?

  1. 5-Day Meal Plan
  2. Daily Workout Video/Printable Workout
  3. List of Foods to avoid During Program
  4. List of Foods to Enjoy
  5. Sample Recipes
  6. Chance for 5 lucky participants to WIN an INCREDIBLE Gym Bag filled with ALL my favorite things (this is really a GREAT prize)

Recommendations to get Prepped!

Speaking of Favorite things, you do NOT have to buy anything, but there are a couple things (one in particular) I highly recommend you purchasing if you want to do the meal plan to the ‘T’ :) I have alternative options if you don’t want to purchase anything, but trust me, this is worth trying, Especially if you are sick of baby carrots and raw almonds as a ‘healthy’ snack (I can’t even look at another raw, unsalted almond):

  1. Health Warrior Chia Seeds or Chia Bars – A TRUE superfood, one of the BEST! Talk about surge of natural energy and with the tasty bars at 100 calories a pop, you can’t go wrong! I use the seeds in SO many of my recipes and add them to almost everything! I recommend trying both the seeds and the bars! You’ll be hooked when you start seeing the benefits. You can simply order online and get them ASAP.
  2. Field Jerky- MMM I love beef jerky and the protein you gain from it BUT I hate all the preservatives, sodium nitrate, artificial flavors and MSG that usually come with it! THEN I found Field Jerky – all natural, low fat, high protein AND still delicious. This is an excellent snack in my meal plan or sprinkle into your salad for added flavor and protein without all the calories!
  3. Sun Warrior Blend Choosing a good protein powder is essential, since it is the most easily absorbed form of protein the body takes in. But you need to be very careful what you choose, many brands out there scare me, but I finally found one I can actually recommend! (raw, vegan and insanely effective. This is a digestable plant-based protein that actually tastes GOOD)! I recommend buying at a bag to try, you purchase, click HERE!

I’m always on the hunt for new and easy, but natural, healthy and ‘light’ snack options, so if you have more ideas, please let me know!

FOR the Workouts

Not necessary, but will make your workout A LOT easier and more efficient, I recommend purchasing a GYMBOSS interval timer. It’s SOO easy to use and you can set it for different interval lengths. For example, you can set it to beep every 30 for effort and 10 seconds for recovery so you never have to look at your stopwatch or clock.


A lot of my viewers also ask where I get some of the clothes I'm wearing in my workout videos. Well, the answer is here! I love Splits59! They have amazing workout clothing and they are definitely one of my favorite stores! To check out some of their clothing, you can Shop Amanda's Favorite Workout Wear! I promise you won't regret it! 

Plus you can use this EVERYWHERE you go/travel moving forward, most of my workouts are time-based!

Alright, that’s my spiel, I’m SOOO excited for this! Again nothing is essential, these are just my recommendations for BEST results, if you’re serious about this it is worth the investment. Any questions, concerns or anything you want me to know, simply leave a comment when you SIGN UP :)

This is IMPORTANT- MUST READ To WIN! (click here for official rules)

Winners of this AWESOME prize package will be chosen based on their answer to these 2 Questions: 1. Why are you taking this challenge and 2. What does fitness mean to you?

To Enter simply create a Video Response and post it in 2 places:

  1. Below a motivation video on Everyday Health TV
  2. Below a workout video on Amanda Russell TV

The more interaction, the better (I love hearing from you on facebook, twitter (@arfit) and triple excitement on my end when you share this awesome challenge with others and rally people to join you)! 



Amanda (ARFit)

I have combined my background as a Certified Personal Trainer, Athlete and Lifestyle Coach with my personal experience and struggles to help you achieve the healthiest and happiest version of YOU! Feeling good and being healthy is the key to leading your best life.I am not a registered dietician, so please consult your doctor before going on this plan - especially if you are allergic to any foods. Listen to your body, you know it better than anyone!

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