ARFit 5 Days to a Beach Body Challenge FAQ

ARfit 5 Day Beach Body Challenge  Guidelines and FAQ

1. Keep a food journal. Remember to record what you eat, when, where, and how much.  Each day rate your hunger level, energy level, pain, digestive symptoms and any other differences in how you feel.  I love the old fashion journal/book, you can pick up at any bookstore, drugstore or department store, but, if you prefer to be ‘paper-free’ you can record in your phone or online.  Whatever way works best for you is how you should do it. I recommend bringing your journal with you wherever you go – it’s a great way to keep accountable.

2. Continue to eat 3 meals and snack everyday. Try to space your meals about 3-4 hours apart and stick to the same schedule as much as possible.  Your last meal/snack should be 2-3 hours before bedtime.  Here is the suggested schedule:

  • Breakfast:  7-8am
  • Snack (optional): 10-11am
  • Lunch:  noon-1pm
  • Snack:  3-4pm
  • Dinner:  6-8pm
  • Optional Dessert/Snack no later than 9pm

No more food after 9 pm.

3. Swapping Meals:I have outlined examples of meals for each of the days, but you can swap any meal as long as it’s the equivalent time of day (ex. Breakfast for breakfast, snack for snack, etc).

This meal plan consists of real, whole foods, nutrient dense, nothing processed or refined – it’s all about balance. It is not about counting calories, it’s about eating balanced healthy meals every 2-3 hours and fueling your body appropriately. While this is not simply about losing weight, do not be surprised to see yourself shed the pounds.

4. Portion Size. If the suggested portion sizes seem too large or too small, adjust accordingly, you need energy to perform the workouts, we don’t want to starve your muscles!

For the next 5 days, try to eat only those foods listed.  

• Study the lists and notice the way the foods have been categorized.  

• If a food is not listed, don't eat it. If you want to see serious results, stick to the foods listed here

• You will note that for many foods, serving size is "as needed to satisfy."  However some foods do require you to measure.  Be sure to do so wherever indicated.  

Each meal should include:
• Something from the non-starchy vegetablelist (or berries at breakfast).
• Something from the protein or healthy fatlist. Focus on increasing your intake of raw veggies and a variety of fish (or Sun Warrior protein if you’re vegatarian).

Use the menu suggestions attached as guidelines.

1. Drink AT LEAST 2 liters (aim for 3L) of filtered or mineral water each day (8 glasses).

2. Start each daywith a mug of hot water with lemon 

3. Try to prepare more of your food yourself at home during this period.You will be able to have more control of what you are eating and will probably save a lot of money too.

4. Planning: Planning is SUPER important in achieving success, especially in your busy life.Before you begin your plan, study the list of foods and go grocery shopping. You want to stock your kitchen appropriately. You can make certain meals ahead and pre-package snacks to take with you.

5. Add CHIA seed to your breakfast yogurt or lunch salad. Purchase any good brand – I recommend ordering Health Warrior Chia online - they have amazing 100 calorie bars too).  

6. Avoid Alcohol. If you want to be really strict, I recommend avoiding alcohol (empty calories), plus it’s only 5 days and not even over a weekend! But if you REALLY can't stand it, one glass of red wine during the week is fine. Make sure to note it in your journal.

7. Caffeine. Green and Unsweetened Black Tea go for it! 1 cup of black coffee (or with a splash of almond or soy milk) per day is fine.

8. Practice eating mindfully, especially at lunch, dinner and snacking.

9. Pre-plate your food.  Put everything you intend to eat on one plate.  Do not eat from containers.

  • • Eat more slowly and focus on what you are eating and how full you are. Stop eatingbeforeyou feel full.  
  • • If you are still hungry after finishing your plate, wait 20-30 minutes before having more.

16. Exercise.We are working out every day for 5 days so if you need more carbs throughout the day increase your intake of fruit.

*I am not a registered dietician, so please consult your doctor before going on this plan - especially if you are allergic to any foods. Listen to your body, you know it better than anyone!

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