5 Day Calendar Outline

Friday May 18th: SIGN UP for ARfit 5 Days to a Beach Body Plan– Make the Commitment to do this! 5 Days to FEELING and LOOKING Incredible for Summer!

Super Ready Saturday, May 19th: Get READY! All about the Prep – mental AND physical ?

Receive Day 1 of Meal Plan (to begin Sunday)
Go grocery shopping and stock your kitchen with all things healthy, yummy and colorful. Think WHOLE, UNPROCESSED Foods!

Tip Buy or Start a Journal – write your goals!

Sunday Start Day May 20th
Workout: Cardio Kick-Off + 6 Min Abs of Steel

Food of the Day: Flax Seeds= Flat Belly!
Check out Meal Plan for Day 2 to prep

Meltdown Monday, May 21st
Day 2 of Meal Plan.

The Workout: Monday’s Metabolic Meltdown + Killer Sculpted Arms Video

Try to make an effort to SMILE today! When you smile a lot you subconsciously feel better NOT to mention everyone looks better when their SMILING!

Day 3 of the Meal Plan – Try my Yummy Feel Good High Protein Pancake Recipe!

The Workout: 10-15 min warm up run or brisk walk + Tabata Tuesday!

Tell 2 Friends about your challenge and see if they will join you for the last 2 days!

Working Hard Wednesday
Day 4 of the meal Plan

The Workout: 1 Min Intervals Workout + BootyBlaster

Tip: Stay focused, almost there! Check in, leave a comment on how you’re doing. Update your journal!!

Thoughtful Thursday
Day 5 (FINAL DAY) of Meal Plan – DRINK EXTRA water today

The Workout: Jump Rope Workout + Strapless Dress-Ready Arms

HOME STRETCH – this is your last day, feeling GREAT and PROUD

Weekend Bound! Feel Confident, feel happy, feel ALIVE!

SUBMIT a Video Response and WIN AMAZING Loaded AR GymBag!

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