The AR Program

by Amanda Russell

OLYMPIC-TRAINED, Celebrity Fitness Expert and Model, Amanda Russell has defined the new age of fitness and wellness, creating The AR Program, a holistic mind and body system of intense dynamic workouts designed to transform the body by focusing on secrets athletes have known for years.
Amanda Russell combines her running expertise with athletic training to create an innovative program fusing high intensity interval training, plyometrics, bodyweight strength training and power yoga poses. Highly challenging and specifically designed to get you into the shape of your life.
You CAN achieve the lean, strong runner’s body without running!

The AR Program is offered in a Variety of FORMATS
• Specialty Group Classes (see Upcoming Events for the next class in your area)
• Customized and Targeted Individual Training Plans (see consultations)
• NEW! Weekly ONLINE Exercise TV Series at Amanda Russell TV
*Intense but modifiable for all levels.

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