'Thank you for changing my life!:)' An Incredible Story from a Viewer....

I receive some of the most incredible letters and messages everyday and I try to read them all, they alays touch my heart and keep ME motivated to do what I do. This morning I read one and it just really stood out and grabbed at my heart. I thought it was such a great story, something so many of us can relate to. It inspired me and I hope it will inspire you - thank you Anna!

Hi Amanda,

My name is Anna.
Ive been struggling with my weight literally since i knew what the word fat meant. But the thing was that I was SO good and dressing to compliment myself, so that it honestly looked like i wasn't as overweight as I knew I was(I started to convince myself i wasn't fat because i was in denial), weighing in at 176 my highest. Did I mention I was 5'4. I know.. its embarrassing i let myself get to that point.

I had been struggling with depression and stress through for the past 2 year (due to family issues and school/work), so that would make me eat, a lot! Some night I would eat 3 to 4 bowls of pretty big servings of cereal. I was embarrassed to talk to my mom about my weight because she is so skinny and fit and into fitness that I felt like she was embarrassed and ashamed of me.
Soo, after all many nights of me crying myself to sleep I woke up one morning about a month ago and just went for a run, about a 2 miles walk/run. I had always been that somewhat athletic fat girl. I came home and wanted to work my muscles so I went to Youtube and found your 15 minute intense burn video, I did it and felt great! I loved everything about you and how you presented yourself in your videos and how you genuinely make working out seem like something to enjoy because when I work out I'm doing some 100% for myself and it's something to want to make part of your everyday life.

Its been about 2 or so months now and doing at least a few of your videos a week in conjunction with running(Im training for a half marathon!!), but i still feel connected to you because you were the one who made me break through and I lost my first 5 pounds with you which was a HUGE deal for me! I have now lost almost 20 pounds!(I started this resolution Feb.11)
I now have a new walk, a new smile and I remember this month on April, 4 I was getting ready for bed and broke down because that was the first day since I could ever remember waking up and going through my day not worried about if I looked fat or if people were thinking how fat or unattractive I am.

I can hands down say that you have changed my life in all the possible best of ways and I know this letter is no way to express my gratitude towards you even though I don't know you at all personally and you have no idea who i am but i will remember you forever as the one who made me a happier, better person. that sounds so cheesy and cliche but it really is the truth about how i feel.



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