Lose 3lbs FAST!

by Amanda Russell

It seems everyone wants to know how to lose a lot of weight FAST! Usually the person asking the question has a big event coming up, such as a wedding or party, coming up in the next few weeks. However, what people tend to lose sight of, is that getting to a point where you are 20 or more pounds overweight didn’t happen overnight, and losing it successfully cannot happen overnight either.

Unfortunately the truth is that there's no quick fix answer, substantial weight loss IS absolutely possible, but it takes dedication, discipline and effort. Heck, if there was a quick fix, gyms would be out of business and we’d all look like a bunch of fitness models. Most people simply aren't prepared physically, mentally, or emotionally. They end up discouraged and giving up.
Fact: 95% of people who start off with a huge, unrealistic weight loss goal are going to be very disappointed. They end up burning out very quickly in terms of both energy and motivation. No matter how much you think you want it, you're simply not going to lose 20 pounds of fat and get "six pack" abs in the next 3 weeks. Sorry... but it's the truth!

I have a different approach to these questions: how about starting off with 3 pounds? Just three measly pounds. This is a very realistic short-term weight loss goal for just about everyone. Plus, losing 3 pounds of body fat and toning your muscles just a little through proper exercise can have a big impact on the way you look and feel.
If you do it right, losing those initial 3 lbs can propel your motivation to go after much bigger weight loss success. You'll learn what it takes to lose weight the right way. Plus, if you use the healthy fat-burning techniques below, you'll end up with a boosted metabolism (not to mention boosted self-confidence) and some contagious momentum to kickstart your journey to a leaner, fitter body!

Sound good? Here we go...
5 Steps to Lose 3 Pounds Fast

1. "FOCUS” on your Goal. Every day spend some time mentally visualizing yourself losing weight, being confidant, and feeling fantastic. Have a clear image of what you want in mind at all times, you may even put your goal image on the fridge or buy an outfit you will wear when you hit your target. In a busy world, spending some dedicated time each day to focus on your goal will bring you that much closer to achieving it.

2. Invigorate your Energy. Try to get at least 7-8 hours of quality sleep per night to help springboard your energy throughout the day. Avoid soda, sweets and other junk foods, snack on healthy/low calorie options every 2-3 hours and drinking about 2 litres of pure water per day. I like to start each day with a big glass of water and, a few minutes of light, refreshing exercise such as push-ups or jumping jacks.

3. Eliminate ‘Highly-Processed’ White’s. Stop eating all highly-processed "white" carbs and you could easily lose 3 pounds in a couple of weeks... without doing anything else! The worst -- and most common -- white carb foods are white sugars and white flours (e.g. white bread, pasta, etc.). Other white foods you may want to avoid include white potatoes and white rice, as these are starches that are easily converted into sugar once you eat them. There are so many delicious healthy options, you will hardly feel you are missing out, and after a while you won’t even crave them (especially when you start realizing how good you look and feel)!

4. Eat your Protein and Veggies. The "perfect" meal for fast fat loss is one that contains a lean protein, raw or lightly cooked vegetables (especially the leafy green ones- think broccoli, brussel sprouts and spinach), a serving of beans or legumes (no sugar added), and some good fats (e.g. from olive oil or avocado). No sugars, bad fats, bad starches, fried foods, or processed carbohydrates. Most, if not all, of your daily calories should come from lean proteins, oily fish, vegetables, nuts, seeds, raw fruit, and healthy fats. Limit, or at least cycle, your intake of starchy carbs (grains, rice, potatoes, etc.). You'll spike your metabolism and you'll be losing pounds every day!

5. Do short, effective workouts. Don't spend hours every day jogging mundanely on a treadmill. Instead, do a short, intense workout every other day or so. Combine strength training with HIIT (high-intensity interval training cardio). Do full-body workouts and keep them to under 40 minutes in length(for more workout examples see http://www.youtube.com/Amandarussell). Exercising like this will help you lose those 3 pounds in a very short amount of time, while also toning your muscles in a way that will make it look like you've lost much more than just 3lbs!
That's it. Follow the proven steps above and you'll drop those 'L-B's' fast. Possibly a whole lot more. Just focus on that simple, highly-attainable goal. The rest will soon follow!



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