Tips for Fitting in Those Workouts on Vacation (Part II)

By Caitlin Chock

Not everyone ditches the gym when it’s vacation time, myself included. Though, it can be tricky sometimes making sure that your own workout agenda doesn’t get in the way of plans or leave the other members of your party grumbling. In following up to our last post on fitness during vacations, here are ways to make sure your exercise routine gets done without cramping anyone’s style.

*Up already? Yes, sleeping in is one great luxury many people look forward to when they have a break from the usual everyday commitments, but if you’re dedicated to your workout one of the best times to get your sweat session in is first thing in the morning. Not only will this ensure that you actually DO get it done (that run doesn’t seem so appealing after a full day of tacos and mimosas does it?) but it also means your fitness routine doesn’t affect anyone else…chances are they’re still sleeping.

*Band together. You know that saying about strength in numbers, well the same applies here. If you’re on vacation with another fitness fanatic, that makes staying dedicated to your sweat session will be easier. Not only do you not have to worry about explaining to people who ‘don’t get it’ and question why you’d want to workout, but having another like minded person around also helps each of you stay committed if exercise motivation ever starts to wane.

*Scope it out beforehand. Do a little research before you take off, find out if the hotel you’re staying at has a fitness facility on site. If not, then do a little Google search and look for the nearest gym for you to use. If you’re planning on running outside, look at the surrounding areas and find a good, safe route for you to hit up or maybe even some trails.

*Be practical. Be realistic with yourself and what your schedule allows. If you’ve got less time than allows for your ‘usual’ routine that’s okay and squeeze in as much as you can. Combine cardio and strength elements into your workout and make the most out of every minute…that means intervals and intensity are you friend.

*Bring Amanda. Okay, okay, sorry you I can't promise you can lounge poolside with her, but two of the basic principles of Amanda Russell Workouts are portability and intensity. That means you can get in a FAST, EFFECTIVE workout darn near anywhere, whether that's at home or away. As long as you have internet, (and who doesn't these days?) you can get her workouts on YouTube and get sweating.

*Bring on the buffets. Let’s be honest, lots of vacations include awesome food and who wants to miss out on that?! What better way to deter too much bulge from calorie onslaught than by working out? This tip is more like an incentive to get up when that alarm goes off and hit the gym.

Photo and article by Caitlin Chock, Writer, artist, and former USA Track & Field stand-out. You can find more information on Caitlin by visiting her incredibly engaging and informative site:

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