Summer Means Vacation But Does it Mean Ditching the Workout? (Part I)

By Caitlin Chock

So hopefully you are able to get away and do something fun this summer, but just because you’re out on vacation, doesn’t mean you have to chuck excise out the window. Now, some people do allow themselves to take a break from regimented workouts during their vacations and taking a break every so often is not going to kill you. Actually taking rest periods are actually healthy and give your body a chance to fully recover.

Though, even during those rest days or weeks you can still make them active rest days. What’s that? Well it just means that you’re not a complete slug and the only time you move is to go for round two or three at the buffet line. Hehe. Joking aside, integrating activity into your vacations isn't only to keep you moving but they also make things much more fun…who wants to stay couped up in a hotel room watching TV anyways?

* Take a tour of the area. If you’re visiting somewhere new, then get out and walk around, sometimes it’s fun to just explore and try and get lost. You can find some of the best local shops, restaurants, and sights that way. You can always take a map with you or do a little Google research before you set out too.

* Pedal, paddle, climb. Rent some bikes, climb a mountain, take to the surf…these are all fun vacation type actives and all of them are workouts as well. Working out is fun after all, but even if you’re not pedaling around like a beast on that bike you’re still moving about and putting that body and those muscles to good use.

* Learn something new. This ties into the last one, but it’s always a fun challenge to try something new. Push yourself, test your limits…sure you may not wind up being very good at surfing, kayaking, or rock climbing but that’s okay. In fact doing something you aren’t good at, or maybe have never tried, is a wonderful way to find a new passion and ALSO will work muscles you probably haven’t worked that way before. 

* Bond, Baby. No reference to James on that one, but doing something active with whoever else you’re on vacation with gives you the perfect chance to connect. Whether it be with the family or as a couple you’ll certainly create lasting memories. Insert cheesy Hallmark quote and smile here. :)

BUT the thought of still exercising on your vacations is not to be dismissed and is completely possible. Check back for part II of our series for staying fit tips while on vaca!

Photo and article by Caitlin Chock, Writer, artist, and former USA Track & Field stand-out. You can find more information on Caitlin by visiting her incredibly engaging and informative site: 

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