One of Life’s Unsolved Mysteries: Fitness Motivation

by Amanda Russell

For most people, the challenge of finding and maintaining motivation in fitness is one of life’s unsolved mysteries. However, I believe this is a puzzle that can be solved, and when it is, it can be dramatically life changing and quite rewarding. The factors that motivate one person may be entirely different than what motivates another. But no matter what, personal motivation is as unique as each of our fingerprints. Pinpointing exactly what ‘IT’ is that motivates us is a real challenge, but I am confident that each one of us can find it and that it is well worth the effort.

When searching for what it is that motivates us, we need to look at more than just the specific activities and delve into what it is that really lights that ‘spark’ within us. I like to compare it to dating, for instance, look at the difference in effort you put into a first date with someone you are excited about versus someone you deem a frog. I’ll bet there is a lot more thought put into the choice of restaurant, clothing, shoes, etc. if you feel this person could be that Prince or Princess Charming. Fitness is no different, once you have captured that ‘spark’, I firmly believe that maintaining and even upgrading your activity level will enhance your lifestyle, boost your confidence, increase your energy levels and overall happiness.

I once met a young woman who rarely exercised, and when she did, she came equipped to the gym with latte in hand, completely content not breaking a sweat, avoiding any kind of uncomfortable physical exertion. Now this young woman was lucky to be blessed with some good genes and maintained a pretty slim figure. Of course, she did talk about wanting to ‘tighten and tone’ her body and lose the ‘skinny fat’ look. But, it was apparent she didn’t want it bad enough to put in the effort and really motivate herself to work harder. However, after a bad breakup she decided she was going to pre-occupy herself with other things and signed up for a triathlon. She bought a bike, joined a pool and started working out hard. Not only did she become drastically more ‘toned and lean’, and achieve the perfect ‘beach body’, she was loving this new aspect of her life and the competition. For her, the motivation was competition.

Personally, I’ve found competition to be a great motivator, but I realize that each of us are unique and what motivates one, does not necessarily motivate another. However, getting into sports like these also provides an entirely new community of friends and support, and for many people this social and emotional aspect is their motivator. If this is for you, I urge you to sign up for a race, join a club or team in your area.

However, for others, it is ‘image’ that is their fitness fuel. They want to look good, lean, fit, buff or toned. Simply buying a dress or swimsuit you aspire to wear will serve as a trigger to keep you motivated. You can also try taking a picture of yourself now and continue to take a picture on a weekly or bi-weekly basis so you can measure your progress.
For some, the health benefits of exercise keep them going. While for others, they know that keeping fit makes them feel better about themselves. They are more confident people with better self-esteem.

Motivation to get or stay fit is no doubt a complicated puzzle. Just as some workers are driven by salary and others by a sense of purpose, we all have a unique set of drivers that can propel our fitness motivation levels to the point where we not only reach our goals but we change our long-term habits and perhaps even motivate those around us in the process.
I have dedicated my life to helping people find their own personal motivation and provide guidance and support along the way to make their journey enjoyable and successful. It is my goal to help you find your ‘spark’ and get you to the place you want to be.
I hope you find this site can help in your life. I am here to answer any of your questions and help you along with whatever you may be dealing with. I love hearing from you so don’t hesitate to contact me. I do my best to provide timely and personalized feedback.



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