The BEST Workout in 10 Minutes Or The Pre-Beach 10 Minute Workout

With summer getting into full swing, our social calendars are FILLING up, and it’s now more than ever that we want to look and feel good as we peel the layers from the winter. So rather than scrapping the workout, if you can’t allocate time to get to the gym or go for a run – this workout is specifically designed to give you the benefits of a full 45-60 minute workout in ONLY 10 minutes! 

YES, it can be done. In the time it takes you to pack up your gym bag and get changed, you can complete this workout in the comfort of your own living room, hotel room, beach house – wherever!

So get up and get it done! You’ll thank me when you’re done, and these few 10 minutes will not only help change your body, it will change your entire day! 

Also, I have a SPECIAL GUEST with me in this workout: Jenna Wolfe from the Today Show! She was spectacular to work with! Stay tuned for our 4-part Busy Person Workout Series together! 

What You Need:

A Gymboss Interval Timer or any kind of timer. 

The Workout

There are 10 exercises total. Set your timer to beep every 45 seconds + 15 seconds. The idea is to do the exercise to the fullest extent for 45 seconds (as many as you can get in that time period), recover for 15 seconds, and then move to the next exercise.

  • High Knees
  • Cardio Yoga Triangles Right Side
  • Cardio Burpees
  • Cardio Yoga Triangles Left Side
  • Turkish Get-Ups with A Jump
  • Warrior 3 Leg Lifts Right Side
  • Turkish Get Ups with a Jump
  • Warrior 3 Leg Lifts Left Side
  • Oblique Mountain Climbers
  • Squat Jump Front-Jump Back


How’d it go? I want to know which exercise you found the HARDEST!! For me it was definitely the Turkish-Get-ups with a Jump – killer! Post your hardest exercise below my video HERE!

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